The EmployAbility HUB

The EmployAbility HUB

The EmployAbility HUB is the central location to help our community with all aspects of employment.  


  • Support and mentoring for your employment search, career exploration and skill-building needs, as well as navigation of the unemployment process.
  • Free access to internet, computers, fax and phones to help you succeed.
  • Workshops covering a variety of subjects including employment preparation, workplace readiness, as well as soft skill, life skill and technical skills training; all designed to empower you to success.
  • At The EmployAblity HUB we have access to many on and off-site employment partners designed to help everyone succeed.  With many services being available to the public, we also have programming specifically for those with disabilities, criminal backgrounds, parents with barriers, individuals on FoodShare and veteran’s.


The HUB is also here to assist employers with recruitment and retention of their workforce.  

  • Increasing social media presence of your job openings
  • Providing specialized soft skills training for your current employees
  • Facilitating employee recruitment and other events

At the HUB we can refer employers and the workforce to other resources to meet everyone’s specific needs.

Community Agencies 

We want to be a part of your team to ensure our communities success.  

  • Refer individuals with any of their employment related needs so we can be part of their team to empower them to success


  • Do you need meeting or work space?  We have office space, conference rooms and a larger Learning Center available on a one time basis or longer term.  Call us to find out more.


We Are HOPE, Inc. | The EmployAbility HUB; dedicated to your workforce success!